At Básica, we offer a comprehensive solution to help your eCommerce business succeed. From identifying your target audience and assessing market fit to creating engaging content, optimizing ad budgets, and managing your eCommerce store, our team has the expertise and resources to drive success for your business. We also work to build customer loyalty by improving the overall brand experience. Contact us today to learn more.

Customer Knowledge

At Básica, we help businesses understand their target audience and identify their buyer persona. Our specialized methodology includes determining what drives customers, where to reach them, and how to capture their attention and loyalty.

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Branding and Customer Journey

To succeed, it's important to understand how your clients interact with your brand, products, and services. At Básica, we help you identify opportunities to stand out in your market by designing branding, naming, and a graphic and conceptual identity that reflects the core of your company. We also map your customer's journey to determine contact points where you can build relationships.

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Content Creation

Content creation is easy, but creating impactful and relevant content that resonates with your target audience is a different story. Básica specializes in crafting strategic content through our own methodology, "The Lotus Flower", to manage your social media, optimize SEO, and build connections with potential clients. Our approach has been tested and proven with numerous brands.

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Ads Management

Maximize the effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts with our ad budget optimization service. Our team of experts will help you find the perfect media mix for your brand, resulting in a 10% to 30% optimization rate for your ad budget. Trust us to get you the best results and boost your content and brand visibility.

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Website building and management

Get your business selling with the help of our Shopify eCommerce website design and management service. Our team of experts has created over 80 successful websites and improved over 200, making us Shopify partners and the go-to choice for your eCommerce needs. Let us help you transform casual visitors into loyal customers.

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Build Loyalty

Improve your customer relationships and maximize cost-effectiveness with our strategic thinking, metrics, and email marketing campaigns. With Qualtrics, we analyze and improve your clients' experiences with your brand, all without the need for unaffordable licenses. Choose básica for expert customer loyalty and satisfaction services.

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Analytics powered by Basica Magnet

Get ahead of the game with Básica Magnet, our AI-based analytics platform. Our platform processes multiple business information sources to provide you with powerful insights and optimization opportunities to improve your performance, effectiveness, ROI, and ROAS. Trust in our team of experts to bring you the best results for your business.

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