At Básica, we believe in the power of humanity. In a world where we often attribute power to external, uncontrollable forces beyond our reach, we often forget the true power that lies within us - the power to dream, to share, to feel compassion and empathy, to trust and collaborate, and to transform our reality and build a better world.

We also believe in the power of digital marketing and analytics to help businesses reach their full potential. That's why we offer a range of digital marketing services and analytics platforms, designed to connect brands with their audience and provide valuable insights and optimization opportunities. Our goal is to help businesses improve their performance, effectiveness, ROI, and ROAS through strategic decision-making and targeted marketing efforts.

Founded in 2010, Básica was created by a team of industry experts with more than 50 cumulated years of experience working in multinational agencies. Our founders are widely recognized as leaders in the fields of digital transformation, business strategy, digital marketing, and creativity, among others. As Shopify experts, Qualtrics partners, Google partners, Meta partners, and Hubspot partners, we have the expertise and resources to bring your business the best possible results.

At Básica, we also value sustainability and social responsibility. We have a culture of connecting social causes with brands to transform both sides, and we are proud to have raised more than $1 million for social institutions in Colombia and South America. Let us help your business reach new heights with our expert services and tools, while also making a positive impact in the world.